Democrats Turn On Bloomberg In Nevada Debate

The well-established candidates vying for the Democrat party nomination pounced on their newest primary challenger at Wednesday night's debates...

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Las Vegas Ahead Of Nevada Caucuses

Photo: Getty Images

Each took turns attacking Mike Bloomberg on the Las Vegas stage for his record as New York City's mayor, and statements of his that have come out.

Bernie Sanders took issue with Bloomberg's support for "stop-and-frisk," while Elizabeth Warren made comparisons to the current White House occupant. Amy Klobuchar also pointed out Bloomberg's billions, and Pete Buttigieg noted his changing party affiliations.

In defending himself against the onslaught, Bloomberg argued he was the party's best hope for winning the Presidency.

“You know you’re a winner when you draw attacks from all the candidates,” Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey wrote in an email newsletter to supporters after the debate. “Everyone came to destroy Mike and it didn’t happen.”

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Read more about how the Bloomberg campaign is scrambling after the debate on the New York Post.

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