Congressman Tom McClintock Recaps the Trump Signing Ceremony in Bakersfield

Congressman Tom McClintock represents the 4th district of California, which stretches from Lake Tahoe, through Yosemite Valley, and on to Kings Canyon.

Yesterday, Congressman McClintock attended President Trump's signing ceremony and campaign event held in Bakersfield where Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke on water accessibility.

President Trump Signs Decision On California's Interior Watershed

Photo: Getty Images

Trump also signed a memo which will relax the endangered species protections that have previously slowed water deliveries to the San Joaquin Valley agriculture and Southland areas. Congressman McClintock was there to vow that farmers will get more water.

Trump told the crowd that changing these protections would end the pouring of "millions and millions of gallons of fresh, beautiful clean water from up north into the Pacific Ocean."

To little surprise, Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration later announced it would challenge the action...

Read more about the event on the Los Angeles Times.

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