Why Are Homeless People In L.A. Without Toilets? The NBCLA I-Team Finds Out

We all know there are thousands, and thousands, of homeless people living in Los Angeles. But statistics say that number is actually estimated to be around 36,000...

As you may know, the NBCLA I-Team has been digging deeper into the homeless crisis, just as we do everyday.

What the I-Team recently found, was that there are literally TONS of human waste and feces ending up on our city streets.

“The public restrooms won’t let us go to the bathroom because we’re homeless,” said Jennifer, who lives in an encampment under the 101 Freeway in Hollywood.

So where do they go? “In bottles, on the side of buildings, right here on the curb,” Jennifer responded.

And just last year, the city of Los Angeles released a report that said "the shortage of public restrooms" for the homeless community was the leading cause of the Hepatitis A.

So the I-Team decided to ask the Mayor of Los Angeles why nothing is being done about it...

When asked why there are no toilets provided for the homeless, Mayor Yoga Pants Garcetti said that there is just not enough money.

“We simultaneously have to clean up streets, clean up this crap, and build housing,” Garcetti said. “And if I had the money to do all three, we wouldn’t be in this place.”  

Check out the full report on NBCLA.

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