This Dog Collar Turns Your Pups Barks Into Cuss Words

I'm going to be honest from the very start, this product is already SOLD OUT...

However, it's so great that we still wanted to share it with you all, just so you can try to get your hands on one when they launch again.

It's a new dog collar made by the company 'MSCHF', and it turns your dogs barks into cuss words!!!

The doggy cuss words include B.S., the F-bomb, and others. Finally, your dog can vent out all of his/her frustrations with you, for only $60!

According to the product's website, the collar is not a "shock/vibration/training collar and is not intended for anti-bark training use." (The company, MSCHF, is more known for it's gag gifts and funny products...)

Like mentioned above, the novelty collars are sold out right now. BUT - If you want to get a text notification 24 hours before the next launch, just check out their website HERE.

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