Bloomberg Can't Excite Social Media On His Own, So He's Buying It

Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg Holds Campaign Rally In Nashville

Photo: Getty Images

Michael Bloomberg is taking his message directly to the people, much the same way that then candidate Donald Trump did: using social media. However, unlike writing his own tweets like President Trump has always done, Bloomberg is farming it out.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Bloomberg campaign has hired hundreds of social media warriors to pump the Democratic presidential hopeful's message through the internet. The move comes ahead of the next Democratic presidential debate, which Bloomberg has qualified for.

Some say this strategy could be the future of political organizing...

“We are meeting voters everywhere on any platform that they consume their news,” a Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman said. “One of the most effective ways of reaching voters is by activating their friends and network.”

The Bloomberg campaign has also been working with marketing company 'Jerry Media' to spread his message through large meme accounts online.

Check out the full report on The Wall Street Journal.

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