#TastyTuesday: It's National Drink Wine Day! Wooo!

(So T.J. Miller turned out to be wayyy too cool, so we cut out Neil. Sorry, bud. But since yesterday was Shannon's favorite holiday, we got to it today!)

You may have heard that wine prices have been dropping, but if you need another excuse to buy a bottle, here it is:

IT'S NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY! So, get into the holiday spirit, grab a glass and cheers your neighbor - it is a holiday after all!

If you aren't convinced by this reason alone, the National Day Calendar explains there are several pros that come with indulging in a nice glass of wine, such as enhancing the flavors of a good meal and health benefits.

Yep, you read that correctly. Wine=health.

If you're worried about getting a hangover and surviving humpday, fear not. Wine does not need to be finished in one sitting.

Simply corking a bottle and/or putting it in the fridge can help preserve your bottle for a few days, so you can resume the sipping tomorrow or the next day.

For more tips on preserving your prized product, check out tips from Washington Post's wine connoisseur, Dave McIntyre!

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