#FeelGood Herman and Lundy Might Be Different, But They Don't Care

Photo Credit: The Mia Foundation

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I think my heart just exploded.

Seriously, this is about the cutest thing I think I've ever seen!

I have been following The Mia Foundation for many years, this is a non-profit organization in New York that does amazing work. Sue Rogers found her inspiration to start this foundation back in 2010 in a little chihuahua named Mia, read about how Mia inspired their work.

The foundation's goal is to help animals with birth defects or special needs find homes and educate humans that these animals deserve a chance at life. Sadly, some still think that animals with birth defects or special needs should just be euthanized immediately because they have no quality of life. This is far from the truth. So many animals with special needs can live full, high quality lives, they just need a little extra help to do so. The Mia Foundation gives these special little creatures a fighting chance for a wonderful life. Since 2012, the foundation has rescued and adopted out over 1,000 special needs animals to loving homes.

Well, a few years back they were told about a pigeon that was sitting in the parking lot of car dealership motionless, but alive, for a few days. They took him in, named him Herman, and worked with wildlife rescuers to help him regain his strength, with the hopes of releasing him back into the wild. While Herman did get stronger, he never regained the ability to fly, likely because of a brain injury or virus. So Herman found his new forever home with the foundation and has been with them ever since.

Recently, a breeder in South Carolina contacted the foundation about a 4-week-old chihuahua saying the puppy suddenly stopped walking and they could not care for him. So they sent someone to get the little guy, who weighs just 17 ounces, and they brought him in to assess how they could help. They named him Lundy.

Well, Herman and Lundy recently met and they hit it off instantly, proving once again that animals can teach us all about empathy, love and accepting each other's differences.

Sue Rogers, founder of foundation, told People Magazine:

"I set Herman on a dog bed and started caring for Lundy, and I decided to carefully put Lundy in the same dog bed next to him. The way they interacted was so cute!"

The two started playing and cuddling with each other, and Herman was so protective of Lundy that Sue says she had a moment where she thought maybe Herman wasn't a 'he' after all because of his maternal instict.

It's believed that Lundy could have some spinal cord damage, which is causing his inability to use his back legs, but otherwise is a perfectly happy puppy. With some help, and a wheelchair when he gets a little older, he should go on to live a happy life and likely find a forever home. But for now, the two are enjoying every moment together as evidenced by the adorable videos and photos below!

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**For more #FeelGood stories like this, check out my blog!**

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