Check Out the Rare Pink Grasshopper Found in a Texas Woman's Garden

So cool and yet so creepy....a Texas woman discovered a rare insect just chilling in her garden.

Angela Barger and her three-year-old son found a pink grasshopper at her home in Austin.

She snapped a pic and shared it with a local station because it was just so odd.

Though why is it weird and how is it I made it to my mid-20s not knowing grasshoppers came in a Pepto Bismol shade?

According to Victoria Hillman with National Geographic, it's a mutation.

As reported by KTLA:

Hillman says the mutation is called erythrism, and it’s caused by a recessive gene similar to the one that affects albino animals. It’s unusual and not very understood, she said, even though it was discovered in katydids in 1887.
The mutation typically happens in the common meadow grasshopper, according to Hillman.

Hillman says that many of the pink grasshoppers don't make it to adulthood as predators can see them easier against plants.

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