Alcohol Prices Skyrocketed 57%... In Just 20 Years

CBS News looked over some of the latest federal data and found that Americans are paying more than ever for a drink at the bar or their favorite restaurant... The facts state that there's been a 57% spike in the price of alcoholic beverages since 2003.

Feel sobered up yet?

But the real question is, why are we shelling out so much cash for alcoholic drinks???

Barley farmers, brewers, distillers and even distributors aren't causing the over 50% markup; bar owners themselves have admitted to jacking up booze prices by up to 300 or even 400%! That insane markup means a drink that might cost $2.50 to make, now costs over $10 to order!

One server said that the hike is justified since you're paying "for the experience of a drink." Do you agree?

Check out the full report on CBS News.

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