Kevin Allen on 'A Good Man: The Jim Tyrer Story'

After a stellar career, Jim Tyrer, a former Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle, was on his way to receiving the incredible honor of being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.

However, before that could happen, on September 15, 1980 Jim Tyrer woke up, loaded a gun, and then shot his wife Martha before turning the gun on himself.

Initially, no one knew how to process this terrible murder suicide that left behind four children and a heartbroken nation, but 25 years later, Kevin Allen is shedding light on the tragic story in his new documentary A Good Man: The Jim Tyrer Story.

In fact, further investigation into the case suggests Tyrer may be one of the first cases of CTE, a neurodegenerative disease that affects behavior and thought processes, and usually comes about after numerous head injuries.

To hear more about the inspiration behind the film and to get a sneak peek on Kevin Allen's findings, listen in to his interview with Gary and Shannon, or check out the documentary website at !

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