Eric Garcetti Believes He's An Older, Straighter Version of Pete Buttigieg

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg And L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Meet With Labor Unions In Los Angeles

Photo: Getty Images

Eric Garcetti is sitting at home watching the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana surge in the Democratic nominee polls and is wondering what if.

Last year, we spent a good amount of time discussing if Mayor Yoga Pants would run for president. We hoped he would, so we could put an actual Mayor in charge of Los Angeles.

To our dismay, he announced he would be staying in Los Angeles and focusing on the city.

We're still not sure what he's spent the last year doing because every issue in Los Angeles has only gotten worse.

But a part of us wonder if Garcetti hates himself for not running.

Pete Buttiegeg won the Iowa caucus, came in second in the New Hampshire primary and shows no sign of slowing down. His campaign has proved that a Mayor is capable of running for the President of the United States.

So Garcetti is doing what he does best and desperately finding anyway to get involved in this race and stay relevant.

This past week Garcetti referred to himself as the ‘older, straighter’ Pete Buttigieg.

“It’s nice to have Pete be like my mayoral avatar, to show that the theory was correct and that there is, I think, a hunger for a new, outside-Washington mayoral leadership,” Garcetti told the Atlantic earlier this year.

Despite this, Garcetti is not backing Buttigieg for the nomination. He's supporting Vice President Joe Biden's campaign.

It seems to us that Garcetti's support has done nothing but push voters away from supporting Biden.

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