Chihuahua Rescued From Freeway

In San Bernardino, a chihuahua was rescued from the 210 Freeway and 215 Freeway connector, CBS reports.

Faith Easdale and her friend Jim who work for Dream Fetchers, a nonprofit that saves animals from overpopulated shelters, came to the little pooch's aid after they witnessed her running along the freeway shoulder and into oncoming traffic.

Acting quickly, Easdale as able to pick her up and bring her into the safety of their car. Once they were settled, the rescuers noticed she was named Tinker, which meant she had a home and family worried about her.

Thankfully, they were able to reach her owner, Dora Marin, who had no idea Tinker had escaped since she had been at the hospital with her husband who was getting surgery.

Marin is grateful to be reunited with her furry friend, and of course, for her rescuers.

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