Stick Library Makes All the Good Bois And Girls #FeelGood

(Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash)

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Dogs love sticks.

I mean, they really, really, really LOVE sticks.

Like, a LOT.

When it comes to making our pups happy, we'll do pretty much anything, but Andrew Taylor from Kaiapoi, New Zealand went the extra mile, not only for his pup, but for all the pups in the neighborhood.

Andrew's dog Bella chews up all the toys she has, but let her find a good stick out on a walk, and she's VERY happy and occupied for quite a long time. But when a new dog park opened near their home, Andrew realized that there was a serious lack of very good sticks for all the good bois and girls on the prowl for one.

So, he decided to fix that. As he trimmed trees in his own yard, he collected a whole bunch of 'good' quality sticks, smoothed them out to create the perfect, sturdy stick, and put them aside to bring to the park.

Once he had all the sticks he needed, he created a box for them and brought it to the local park. The box says 'Stick Library: Please Return.'

Andrew and his family held a small party to present the Stick Library to the neighborhood and the neighbors and all the very good bois and girls went crazy for it. His daughter, Tayla said:

"All the dog owners appreciate it, as they have all experienced the 'good stick search', which isn't always fruitful. It's an idea that just makes sense to them, but no one had thought of."

The 'Please Return' on the box encourages people to leave the sticks for another pup when theirs is done playing. Of course, some love their sticks so much they take them home, but that's ok, when that happens others have replenished the cache with more good sticks so no one ever goes to the box and finds it empty.

Check out the video of Andrew creating the Stick Library and who has checked out sticks so far.

Now, while some dogs like sticks...some like REALLY BIG sticks.

I introduce you to Bosco, who, even though he's very small, has a wonderful ability of finding very big sticks and roaming the world with them. You can follow his adventures on Instagram at @boscoandhisbigstick

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