Parenting Your Teen & Adult Children - With The Dad Podcast

So, your kids are growing up.

Long gone are the days of them running up to you when you get home from work just so they can wrap their arms around your leg and give you the biggest bear hug in the world. That hasn't happened in years. Now you ask them about their day and you're thrilled just to pull out a mumbled "Hey. Fine."

Your kids are teenagers.

It's a tricky stage and it only lasts for a few years. You know what, though? Then they become adults, and that stage of parenting isn't much easier.

As your kids get older, their needs change and the way you parent them must also change.

Your role as their decision-maker changes. Your influence on them changes. Your conversations change.

It can be absolutely terrifying, but Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast is all about it!

"People make fun of my excitement for my sons to become teenagers. But I am fascinated by this phase of parenting and the challenges it brings, and I think it is important to transition from parent to coach. I think today’s parent don’t realize how much they are hurting their kids by minimizing the mistakes they can make. Failure is such a strong teacher. It is better to fail and learn under the safety net of home than when you are out on your own."

You can read more at Greater Good Magazine and The Wall Street Journal

To hear more of Justin's take on parenting teen and adult children, and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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