Gary Talks With SoCal Resident Under Coronavirus Quarantine In Japan

With the continued rampant spread of the coronavirus, quarantines are being ordered in many different countries, communities, and even on cruise ships.

One of those cruise ships is the Diamond Princess, which now sits at an isolated dock in Yokohama, Japan.

Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman, the owners of the Santa Clarita radio station KHTS Hometown Station, are two of the people that are currently quarantined on the ship. To this point, the ship has had at least 135 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including at least one American.

With ten more days of quarantine left, it still isn't clear if Carl and Jeri are in the clear or not.

Carl made room in his super busy schedule to talk with Gary about the current situation.

You can keep up with them and their quarantine by checking out their blog posts on

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