#FeelGood Little Boy Does His Best Napoleon Dynamite

Remember school talent shows?

Well, one little boy in Andover, Minnesota will forever be remebered for his precious performance.

Jude is a third grader who decided to participate in a small talent show at his school. He decided, and I suspect was encouraged by his parents, to take on an epic movie performance, that of Napolean Dynamite, who, in an effort to get his friend Pedro elected to student council president, performed a dance in front of the entire school. **Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the movie....it works!

Well, since Jude has a head of hair that resembles Napolean, all he needed to do was get a pair of dark jeans, some glasses, sneakers, a Vote For Pedro t-shirt and he was set.

BUT....the question remained...could he really re-create Napolean's performance?

Judge for yourself below, I've put up Jude's video and also the original video of Napolean Dynamite, so you can compare!


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