85-Year-Old Corona Resident Arrested For Hit-And-Run

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Photo: Getty Images

A Corona resident of 85-years-old was arrested this past weekend on suspicion on a felony for a hit-and-run and vehicle manslaughter.

The victim's husband found the suspect's damaged car and turned in the evidence to the Corona Police Department before the arrest occurred.

Tashiro Isa allegedly crashed with Brenda Jean Richardson, who was riding a motorcycle. Isa was driving east before he made a turn left in front of Richardson causing the collision.

Richardson was thrown off her motorcycle and died of injuries at the hospital.

Since Isa left the scene, Richardson's husband followed vehicles into communities with hopes to find the person responsible for the crash. Eventually he found Isa's car with damage to the passenger side. After police questioned him, he was arrested.

“I loved my wife with all my heart — the pain is horrible. … She was the person I was going to grow old with that helped with all the crazy ideas. … She was the feather people fell on for comfort,” Richardson wrote on Facebook.

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