We All Need A Dose of Adorableness

What I hate most about politics is this. It rarely makes people happy. Instead it makes people angry, obsessed, wanting to argue, yell or scream with those that disagree with them and most of the time it ends up with one party believing that they're superior to the other when in reality, they're all a bunch of self-absorbed idiots.

So, I've decided to take it upon myself to provide you with a few things that are simply adorable in nature and will, most likely, get you out of your political funk and make you smile. So, here we go.

Kristi Michele lives somewhere where it has recently snowed (I don't know for sure because I'm not friends with her on Facebook) but, what you're witnessing here is that her daughter Madelyn, who is clearly obsessed with Frozen and Elsa, has finally gotten the snow she needed to do her own performance of 'Let It Go.' It's freaking adorable.

And then there's this little guy....a wolf pup howling for the first time. Because, as you know, everyone loves an 'awoo'!

And, just because, you know...dogs....here's a husky trying on booties for the first time. Which, as everyone knows, is always hilarious.

So hilarious in fact, let's watch a compilation of dogs with booties.

And let us not forget about cats and their awesome ability to let us know when they don't like things...at all.

Well, I think that will suffice for today. Don't worry, I'll be back with more videos to help you smile and waste time at work the next time your co-workers are in the middle of arguing over who the best political candidate is.

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