#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

I've had a revelation.

The girls that get sent home aren't the losers. And the girl that gets the final rose is not the winner.

We are all losers. And there are no winners.

Anybody who willingly chooses to spend any of their time participating in or watching this show deserves nothing good from it. We all deserve the pain and agony that it pours into our lives. We really do. We know the outcome of our sins and yet we continue to commit them.

Not that I really ever felt bad for us, but now I definitely don't.

I don't feel bad for us when Peter stands in front of the girls and delivers a weak-stream apology.

I don't feel bad for us when another contestant cries and cries and cries some more.

I don't feel bad for us when the women freak out at each other and act like they're going to fight all so they can get more attention and screen time.

I just don't feel bad for us.

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