Good Cop, Bad Cop Parenting - With The Dad Podcast

Are you a fan of good cop, bad cop parenting?

Did you know that is both destructive to the parents and the children?

Sure, some of you may be better suited for different styles of parenting.

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast totally gets that, and even agrees that good cop, bad cop only works, but only if everyone understands their roles and skills.

"You can do good cop, bad cop as long as it is mutually agreed what your role is. I think good cop, bad cop creates a nice balance. The real problem is when you feel forced into a role that doesn’t play to your strengths. Those moments where you wish you were the fun one and hold animosity toward the fun one. I think if you‘re not the fun one, then you aren’t going to be the fun one."

However, according to, this style of parenting not only has a negative impact on the parents that are forced into roles that they don't want be in, but it also has a negative impact on the children that are being parented in that way.

To hear more of Justin's take on good cop, bad cop parenting and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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