DNC Announces It Will Be ‘Taking Over’ Results in Iowa

Technical Difficulties Continue To Delay Iowa Caucus Results

Photo: Getty Images

Monday's caucus count in Iowa was embarrassing to say the least... For everyone. And now, the Democratic National Committee has announced it will be "taking over" the remaining tally.

According to the ABC News, the DNC has been "actively engaging in calling the leaders of each [caucus] precinct in order to verify the results."

DNC chairman Tom Perez even took to Twitter on Tuesday to comment on the dumpster fire going on in Iowa...

"Our immediate goal is to ensure that every vote is counted as quickly as possible," Perez added. "Accuracy is our guidepost."

As of Wednesday afternoon, only 71 percent of the results had been released... The caucus was on Monday!

“We’re going to take the time we need to get these results done,” Iowa Democratic Party chairman Troy Price said on Tuesday.

God speed to them...

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