Coming To A Sky Near You: The 'Super Snow Moon'

If you've been meaning to take a romantic stroll in the moonlight, this is the weekend to do it!

The 'Super Snow Moon' is set to appear this weekend, bigger and brighter than usual...

The full moon, traditionally called the Super Snow Moon, will make its bow on Friday, reaching its peak size and brightness by Sunday at 2:33 a.m. EST, according to NASA.

It will be the first of four expected supermoons this year, with the others occurring in March, April and May, astronomers say. A supermoon happens when a full moon's elliptical orbit brings it as close to Earth as possible.

According to NASA, the first week of this month is also a good time to see the planet Mercury! Astronomers say it can be seen if you look to the western horizon during clear weather.

Check out more information on CBS News.

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