LA's Homeless Meth Addiction Epidemic Backed By Drug Cartel


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Homelessness is a HUGE issue in Los Angeles, but recently there's been a meth epidemic within the homeless community and FOX 11 investigative reporter Bill Melugin reports that it's because of El Mencho.

He's the head of a drug cartel, is worse than El Chapo, and roaming the streets with a 10-million dollar bounty on his head.

One prominent local homeless advocate told Melugin, he believes FEMA and the National Guard need to be called in to assist.

"CJNG, probably the most prolific cartel in Mexico right now as far as perpetrating violence and trafficking and drugs, is a huge influence on those of us in California," said Bill Bodner, Special Agent in Charge of DEA Los Angeles. "They’re pushing the drugs that are coming into the community here. They’re responsible for part of the homelessness." 

Bodner is an important leader at DEA LA. He is responsible for overseeing operations at 14 different DEA offices and capturing CJNG’s leader.

Bodner said, "To some extent, I feel El Chapo was a little bit overrated. Mencho is probably worse because he’s more professional and focused on business, and he’s more focused on disciplined business." The results of that business are horrifying. In 2011, CJNG slaughtered 35 members of the rival Zeta cartel and dumped their bodies on a highway during rush hour.

"It troubles me because this isn’t Iraq, this isn’t Afghanistan. This is literally a 2-hour drive from where I’m sitting right now," Bodner said.

For more information read Melugin's full story here.

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