Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer

Honorable Mention - New Jersey mayor admits to getting drunk at party, removing his pants, and passing out in an employee's bed

9 - New homeowner finds corpse of former resident still in the house

8 - Moviegoers get sick after drinking cocktails contaminated with cleaning fluid

7 - Dogs rescued after California man was arrested and accused of performing canine c-sections in his kitchen

6 - Virginia postal worker rented a storage unit to hold all the mail that he never delivered

5 - A dog owner bought a $6 million Big Game ad for the veterinary school that saved his dog's life

4 - New Mexico man agreed to pay prostitute with burger (but she was an undercover cop)

3 - Police say that the DNA left in a sock lead to arrest of a Florida gang member

2 - Detroit woman accused of biting off 1-inch part of man's tongue while kissing

1 - Feral, invasive, herpes-infected monkeys have made their way into Jacksonville, Florida

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