FDA Approves First-Ever Treatment for Peanut Allergies

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Photo: Getty Images

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday signed off on the first-ever treatment for peanut allergies.

Oddly enough, the new drug, Palforzia, comes as peanut powder, which patients ingest daily, according to manufacturer Aimmune Therapeutics. The daily dose is increased as time goes on, training the bodies of children and teens to be better equipped to handle a severe allergy attack, Aimmune says.

Aimmune officials say they expect the treatment, which will cost about $890 a month, to be available to the public in "a matter of weeks."

“For so long, we had nothing to offer these patients,” said Dr. Pamela Guerrerio of the National Institutes of Health. “We finally have a treatment. That’s a big step.”

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