Cases Of Coronavirus May Be Undercounted

Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus Spreads To Hong Kong

Photo: Getty Images

Believe it or not, but the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in China may be higher than we anticipate.

Officials believe that cases have well surpassed 9,000, but the true amount of those infected may be even higher because of health workers struggle to keep up with the disease.

There's been a shortage of testing kits and the hospital staffs are way overworked. China's healthy system is in shambles and the efforts to accurately keep track of those who have been affected is too hectic to keep up.

Sadly, coronavirus has already taken 200 lives.

Health commission director Liu Yingzi told a press briefing Wednesday, noting that Hubei had about 50,000 test kits in stock. But with 5,806 confirmed cases and 32,340 people under observation, it’s uncertain if that is enough.

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