#TechTalk: Watching The Big Game As A Cord Cutter

Like every other red-blooded American, you want to watch the Big Game.

There's just one massive problem.

You cut the cord.

That's right. You cut the cord all those years ago because you were tired of the cable companies taking you for a mortgage payment every single month.

There is a solution!

A bunch of those streaming services that you use (like your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices) carry the Fox Sports and Fox Now apps, both of which will be streaming Sunday's Big Game in 4K!

Don't have one of those streaming services?

No biggie.

Multiple services offer free trials, which you can start up and use just to watch the game.

If you're nervous about streaming services or certain apps, that's okay too. You can always buy a good antenna and just watch the digital channel.

Want to know more? Jefferson Graham outlined it all in USA Today

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