Here's To You, #GIRLDADS

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The tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna on Sunday shocked the world. And now, fathers across the globe are paying tribute to the proud #girldad...

It all started after ESPN's Elle Duncan shared her thoughts on "SportsCenter" Monday night. She told a story about the one time she met Bryant. Check out a clip of it below, but make sure you have tissues nearby.

So now, in honor of what an incredible father Bryant was, we wanted to take a moment to honor the other amazing #GIRLDADs in our lives...

Tim Conway Jr. and his daughter Sophia

Tim Conway and his daughter Kelly

Robin Bertolucci and her father Arvin

Don Martin and his daughter Talia

Kris Ankarlo with his daughters, Amelia Scout and Vivienne Jo

Bryan and Reagan Suits

Morgan Cook and her father Robin

Mark Verge and his daughter Malia

Petros and Callie Papadakis

Kerie, Prestyn, Parker, Peyton and Matt 'Money' Smith

John Morelli and his daughter Julianna

David Vassegh and his daughter Adriana

Isabella Meneses and her dad Israel

Tawala Sharp and his daughter Mylee'

Monica Rix and her dad Ralph

Debra Mark and her father Mike

Sheron and Ronald Bellio

Ray Lopez and his daughters, Rosalie and Riley

Vanessa Herron and her father Rev. A.L. Kennon, Jr.

Bill Handel and his daughters, Barbara and Pamela

Michael Crozier and his daughter Sydney

Corbin Carson and his daughters, Saedie and Korii

Shannon and Ray Farren

Michelle Kube and her father Frank

Kevin LeGrett and his daughter Sydney

Tim Cates and his daughters Sadie, Ruby and Layla

December Savage and her father Kasseim

Angel Martinez's dad, Ron

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