#TastyTuesday: Big Game Party Tips & Live Cuisine

Want to master the Big Game party like the @ForkReporter?

You're gonna want to take a look at these tips and tricks:

  1. Pace yourself - It's a long game, so keep that in mind
  2. Get your dips - Where else would the chips go?
  3. And your pizza - 'Cause it's a crowd favorite
  4. With a side of quality wings - Bone-in or boneless, I'm not gonna argue on this one
  5. Ladle up the chili - If you have a big crowd, it's a smart move
  6. Ice it down - Warm drinks suck
  7. Quality desserts - We all have sweet tooth when we're at a party
  8. Get some guac - Is there anything better?
  9. Disposable dishes - Paper plates and plastic cups save you a lot of cleaning
  10. Veggie trays & snacks - Carrots, celery, cucumbers, potato chips, etc.

If you need more help, read more at CBS Sports

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