Aspects of Grieving Death

Kobe Bryant with his family when both of his Lakers jersey numbers were retired (12/17). Photo: Getty Images

The outpouring of grief not only in Los Angeles but around the world over the sudden and tragic death of basketball icon Kobe Bryant is massive, powerful and real. Why do we hurt so much when we lose someone we didn't even know. Or did we?

Public figures are out there for the public. They live and share themselves publicly. We may therefore feel like we know them. Sometimes they've affected us in some way, have helped us through a tough time through example and inspiration, or maybe we just feel like we've watched him or her "grow up." Celebrities and sports figures touch us more deeply than we sometimes realize, until they're gone.

Dr. Wendy shares her thoughts on grieving the death of a public figure.

Death is hardly ever easy, IF ever, but it's a whole other world of grief when the death is sudden and unnatural. SO many questions. So many what ifs. One of the main differences is the shock of the unexpected loss and pain.

Kids feel it, too. Remember, they are sponges and need help healing and processing.

Dr. Wendy shares her thoughts on losing someone suddenly.

Because death is painful, friends and family often don't know what to do or what to say to those closest to the loss. What could possibly help? Here are a few suggestions...but even if you can't ever find words, your presence may be the most important thing of all.

Dr. Wendy explains the best things to say and not to say to someone grieving.

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