CDC Confirms Second U.S. Case Of Chinese Coronavirus

Marburg researchers are looking for a vaccine against coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that a second person in the United States contracted the Wuhan coronavirus. The unidentified woman lives in Chicago and returned to the United States on January 13 after spending time in Wuhan, China. 

Officials said that she was not sick when she was traveling and do not believe that she spread the virus to others. She is currently hospitalized in an isolation unit.

Authorities said they are investigating 63 patients in 22 states that may have contracted the coronavirus.

There have been over 800 reported cases of the virus, and 26 people have died. Chinese authorities have locked down more than a dozen cities as they try to keep the outbreak from spreading. The lockdowns impact roughly 35 million people.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients, and officials are working around the clock to build a 1,000-bed hospital in just six days in the city of Wuhan, which is considered to the epicenter of the viral outbreak. Officials believe the virus originated from wild animals at a seafood market in the city of 11 million people. 

Photo: Getty Images

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