#TechTalk: Technology Goes From Science Fiction To Nonfiction

We've been dreaming about so much of it for decades...

Gadgets and inventions that have seemed so far out of reach that we've only ever been able to call them one thing...

Science fiction.

In 2020, though, science fiction is starting to become science nonfiction.

Take visits to the doctor. Thanks to video chat and other means, it has become less necessary for people to actually go into the doctor's office for a basic medical prognosis. With the MedWand, though, a complete medical diagnosis can be done remotely, scanning the patient's body and sending the info to the doctor.

Traveling soon? Tired of the communication barrier? You're going to like Ambassador from Waverly Labs. This wearable language translator will take the words being spoken in a foreign language and translate them into your mother tongue. It even allows up to four people to talk to each other at once when using the "Converse" mode.

Read more about all of these and more at AARP

Are you interested in falling even deeper in love with your smartphone?

Wouldn't you know it, Marc knows 20 cool things that could help you out with that.

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