Ding Dong! Watch This Kentucky Police Officer Save A Drowning Deer

A Kentucky police officer is being called a hero after he saved a young victim from drowning in a Lexington resident's swimming pool. The victim, by the way, was a deer!

Footage from the Lexington police officer's body cam shows the exhausted animal at the edge of the pool with its front hooves and head resting on the deck, but with the bulk of its body submerged in the chilly water. The animal appears to be so tired it doesn't resist when the officer grabs its front legs and attempts to pull it out of the pool. However, the deer doesn't try to help, either, making the task of saving it difficult...

Thankfully, a neighbor was able to help grab its hind legs, and the two are able to free the deer.

The moment the deer got out of the pool, it jumped up and darted off into the woods -- without so much as a "thank you."

Check out the full story on KCRA.

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