New Study Suggests Men Are More Sensitive Than Women In The Workplace

Another day, another survey...

New study results suggest that men are actually more emotionally sensitive than woman in work environments.

The survey was done by a UK job search company called Totaljobs. They studied 2,250 employees and managers to get a better idea of the emotions they had in the workplace. Their data found that the male participants were twice as likely to shout and/or quit their jobs due to their heightened emotions.

“Men and women are socialized to display emotions differently especially at work," Terri Simpkin, senior lecturer in leadership and corporate education at Anglia Ruskin University said. "Men are more likely to report experiencing emotions associated with power, such as anger or pride”.

Another takeaway from the survey was that many respondents, both male and female, noted that they didn't feel like they were able to freely express their feelings to others at work. Sixty percent even responded that they didn't think the workplace was "an appropriate place to express emotions".

Check out the full survey on Totaljobs.

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