L.A. City Council Makes Push For World Series Titles

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously this morning to strip the 2017 and 2018 World Series titles from the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox and award them to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What is it worth?

Absolutely nothing.

Despite the pointlessness, councilmen Paul Koretz and Gilbert Cedillo presented the resolution following Major League Baseball's punishment against the Astros after an investigation concluded that they used a camera to steal signs from opposing catchers throughout the 2017 season, a season the ended with the Houston beating Los Angeles in the World Series.

There was mixed reaction from the public and those within the league after MLB suspended the Astros manager and general manager for one year each, took away the teams first-round and second-round draft picks for the next two years, and fined the team $5 million in response to their cheating. The league is still investigating the alleged cheating by the Red Sox in 2018, a season that ended with Boston also beating Los Angeles in the World Series. Both teams' actions are suspected to be linked by Alex Cora, who served as a bench coach for the Astros and as manager for the Red Sox.

Some believe the teams should have their World Series titles taken away. Others, like Koretz and Cedillo, believe those titles should be taken away and awarded to the Dodgers.

The councilmen did their best today to make waves in the world of professional baseball.

First off, this resolution doesn't do anything. The Dodgers are not the 2017 and 2018 World Series champions because of its passing.

Just, why?

Why is the Los Angeles City Council wasting its time with this?

Why aren't they spending their time solving homelessness and other pressing issues?

And second, is this really how you want to get your trophies, Dodgers fans?

You just want it to be handed to you?

Wouldn't it feel better to actually earn the title?


Kris Ankarlo reported on the whole situation today.

Read more at FOX 11 Los Angeles

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