Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - A Wisconsin man that was arrested for selling weed told cops that he liked snorting his mom's ashes

9 - A squirrel in Houston has left 2 hospitalized after attacking them

8 - A pigeon has been spotted wearing a sombrero in Reno, Nevada

7 - A couple first cousins could be headed to prison after getting married and getting pregnant

6 - A Texas woman is being accused of making tortillas with a sex toy

5 - An Arizona man is suing Pornhub due to a lack of closed captioning

4 - One guy talked about a "lady drawer" on Twitter and now it is a viral meme

3 - Women on Instagram are not shaving in observance of #Januhairy

2 - A man in China with constipation died from cardiac arrest after pooping with too much force

1 - Men on TikTok are dipping their testicles in soy sauce in an attempt to "taste" it

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