#TechTalk: Marc Solves Your Biggest Tech Pet Peeves

You see that stud right there???

Well, he is OUR tech guy!!!

Marc usually comes on with us every week to talk about some of the biggest tech stories in the news, but not today...

Today is all about you!

What are your tech pet peeves? What annoys you the most? What grinds your gears?

Does your phone or laptop have a crappy battery life?

Do you find yourself constantly dealing with constant operating system updates?

Is your device running out of storage space?

Do you forget all of your passwords?

(And don't even get me started about email "reply alls"!)

Marc is here to address some of the biggest issues you face with all of your technology.

Thank you Jefferson Graham, a colleague of Marc's at USA Today, for the inspiration today! If you have other tech pet peeves, he may answer them in his series.

Keep up with everything Marc is doing by following him on Twitter at @Marc_Saltzman

Check out Marc's Tech It Out podcast on the KFI Squadcast page!

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