#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

Welcome to the second week of the like 1,000th season of the worst show in the history of the world.

The show continues being made, so Petros continues watching it and carrying the burden for us all.

I don't even know what happened this week.

One of the girls apparently brought some champagne back from Des Moines ('cause, you know, that's where you buy top notch bubbles...) for her and Peter to share, but Hannah Ann (a.k.a. Petros' Smoky Mountains smoke show) drank it. I think? I really don't know.

Anyways, people got mad and sad and they yelled and cried and it was just a lot.

If this synopsis has somehow managed to convince you that you'll like our Bachelor Report, then feel free to listen to the whole thing right here.

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