Who Should Be L.A. County's Next District Attorney?

Marc Debbaudt is a Deputy District Attorney and the President Emeritus of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (or the ADDA). In his latest article, published today, he focuses on what the implications would be in Los Angeles if George Gascon or Rachel Rossi were to become the County's next District Attorney...

"In a nutshell (and you would have to be a nut to vote for either of them), they will make L.A. the greatest haven for criminals in the nation," he wrote. "Yes, even more so than San Francisco which Gascon destroyed. They will hire fewer prosecutors and ensure there are no consequences for violating the law."

He even gave multiple examples for why they would be terrible for the city:

The first is pretty obvious...

"Gascon and Rossi don't think criminal street gang members should be treated differently than criminals who don't band together to commit crimes. That's right: both of them have pledged to eliminate gang enhancements. They won't charge them, period."

Second? Gascon, and possibly Rossi too, believe that drunk drivers should get diversion.

"It's what he did in Gotham by the Bay," Debbaudt claimed. "That's right: no convictions for breaking a law that has saved, and continues to save, innumerable lives."

Gascon and Rossi also both want to "hire immigration attorneys for the DA's office to ensure individuals aren't charged with crimes that could get them deported."

Oh, and let's not forget that Rossi says she would "end incarceration of the homeless." (That'll SURELY fix the homeless crisis in Los Angeles!!!)

"...I would stop prosecuting the homeless," Rachel Rossi said. "Second, [I would] start prosecuting the people who are causing homelessness...I would establish a homeless fraud task force that would investigate big developers, corporate landlords, people who are raising the rent."

Not enough examples here? There's plenty more, just check out Marc Debbaudt's latest article on the ADDA website, Felons, Come One, Come All!

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