#TastyTuesday: We (Don't?) Want Wine!

Americans hate wine now.

Don't believe me?

Check the stats.

According to The Wall Street Journal, American wine consumption dropped from over 373 million cases in 2018 to under 370 million cases in 2019.

Ok, maybe they don't hate, but they didn't buy as much of it as they did in 2018.

2019 U.S. wine sales by volume saw a 0.9% drop in sales for the first time in 25 years. (We're pretty sure that once @ForkReporter's new kidney is up and running at full speed, the stats will level out again, though.) Although wine producers sold less wine last year, sales by value still went up by 1.1% to $38.3 billion.

Despite this drop in sales by volume, the nation, as a whole, increased their drinking by 0.3%.

Why the shift?

It all comes down to the trends. People are drinking more hard seltzers, whiskeys, and mocktails, causing a shift in consumption patterns.

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