San Mateo County Cliff Crash May Be A Hoax

A video of a Lexus hanging off a cliff in the San Mateo County has gone viral this month and started a debate on social media if the video was actually a "deep fake".

The California Highway Patrol has vouched that the video is real.

However it shows how concerned people are of the power deep fake videos carry.

“Imagine a world where deepfakes are prevalent. That will allow anyone to deny and dispute anything that they don’t like,” said Shamir Allibhai, the CEO of Amber, a Palo Alto-based media forensics company founded in 2017. “The existence of fake video gives ammunition to anybody to delegitimize genuine evidence.”

When asked why deepfake videos look so real, Allibhai believes its because how real they are.

“The truth is you could make anything look real behind enough camera shake and image artifacts,” he said. “But a CGI (computer-generated imagery) car would have trouble looking right without all the data of when this happened.”

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