Iran Sends Warning To Protesters


Photo: Getty Images

Protests in Iran are getting worse and it's prompted Iranian authorities have warned their protesters to discontinue their anti-government demonstrations.

This warning came after a video appeared to show security forces used tear gas to contain the crowd at the protests over the weekend.

The demonstrations started after the Iranian military said that they were responsible for taking down the Ukrainian passenger airline.

The military said it was human error and not an intentional take down.

Protesters believe otherwise.

“We didn’t lie. Lying is consciously and intentionally faking something to hide the truth,” government spokesman Ali Rabiei was quoted as saying by the IRNA state news agency. Any comments by the government were made, he said, based on “the information that was assumed reliable at the moment.”

“The reality is that the government itself was stuck in the faulty circle of announcing information and gathering information,” Mr. Rabiei said.

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