See Darrell Hammond's Show "The Summit" at the Improv

Actor/comedian Darrell Hammond for years has brought to life a cavalcade of politicians, media figures, celebrities and newsmakers on television. Darrell is known for being one of the most prolific comedians of his time. He holds the title for being the longest running cast member on SNL. He frequently tours comedy clubs and theaters boasting a number of brilliant impressions in his act that keep people laughing nationwide.

Some of the people he's mimicked include; Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Regis Philbin, Dan Rather, John Travolta, Jesse Jackson, Richard Dreyfus, Jay Leno, Donald Trump and Ted Koppel.

Darrell continues to move audiences with his comedy, performing in New York and throughout the entire country. Darrell gave Comedy Central it’s biggest ratings to date for a 1/2 hour comedy special performing in his own Comedy Central Presents: Darrell Hammond.

The show is called "The Summit" - a shelter for the politically homeless at the Improv. It is a live-streamed podcast that is done in front of a live audience. It is released as a podcast a day later.

It is mostly political and they try to stay as middle in the road as possible and lean towards irreverent humor.

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