Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Coyotes may have attacked two different people from Chicago twice this week

9 - 88-year-old Maine man attacked by rabid fox

8 - Las Vegas firefighters discover illegal gas station in the backyard of a home

7 - Texas woman assaulted by boyfriend after complaining about his flatulence

6 - Drivers surprised by roadside sign that asks people to "send nudes"

5 - Taco Bell to start offering a $100,000 salary for some managers

4 - Northern Irish woman who married 300-year-old pirate ghost divorced spirit because he was "using her" as an energy source

3 - Bessemer, Michigan voters have voted to spend $3,400 to purchase a device to smell marijuana plants

2 - Athletes will sleep on recycled cardboard bed frames at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

1 - The first human composting site is set to open in Seattle

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