California's State Budget Breaks Records.... Again


Photo: Getty Images

Gov. Gavin Newsom is at it again.

Today. he unveiled a $222.2 billion budget proposal for the state of California.

Of course, it BROKE records because all California can do is spend money.

The plan is projected to spend $5.6 billion on green technology and homeless aid.

“Our state has provided the rocket fuel for the nation’s economic expansion,” his budget proposal reads. “We are the world’s capital of innovation. We have more people with access to health care and higher education than any other state. California is showing the nation and the world what big-hearted, effective governance looks like.”

His plan would spend more money with Medi-Cal and this expansion would allow homeless people to get mental health care.

This new proposal also includes creating a state-owned generic drug label and a single drug purchasing market in California, a new idea to address climate change, and will give organizations that address homeless money.

Of course at the presser, Newsom went on and on and acted like spending billions is exactly what this state needs.

For more information, please read here.

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