Uber Says Bye to Upfront Pricing and Discontinues Reward Benefits

Rideshare company, Uber, has made major changes to the service following a new state law, Assembly Bill 5, requiring drivers to be reclassified as full-time employees. Throughout the week, users have received an email notice detailing the adjustments which will affect prices, schedules, rewards and more.

The company says that they do intend to keep the roads populated with working drivers to avoid longer wait times and higher costs for users.

"These changes may take some getting used to, but our goal is to keep Uber available to as many qualified drivers as possible, without restricting the number of drivers who can work at a given time."

As far as the changes, here is what users can now expect to see:

Trip prices will now be totaled after a ride has been completed

"You will now see a price range rather than a set price before you request any non-Pool ride, which is our best estimate of what the trip will cost you. The final price will be calculated at the end of your trip, based on the actual time and distance traveled. You can see the final price on your receipt or in the app."

You can schedule rides with your favorite Uber drivers after giving them a 5-star review

" After you give a driver a 5-star rating, you can now add them as a Favorite Driver. Next time you request a scheduled ride, your favorite drivers will have the opportunity to accept your reservation. If you give a driver a 1-star rating, you won’t be matched on future rides."

Some Uber reward benefits will be discontinued

"We unfortunately have to discontinue some Uber Rewards benefits, like price protection on a route and flexible cancellations, for trips in California. To learn more, see the Rewards hub in your Uber app. We’re actively working on new benefits for California riders, so stay tuned for future announcements."

In addition, drivers will now be able to accept or decline a ride request without penalty after viewing the ride time, mileage, fare etc.

Although Uber is vigorously fighting the new law in court, the company is choosing to be upfront about the new changes. Drivers of ride-hailing services have led an ongoing battle to be reclassified as full-time employees with benefits, even seeing class action status in federal court. Uber has noted that more changes may be coming soon.

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