#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

I'm so sad.

I was full of joy but all of that joy has now been replaced with sorrow.

I'm not sure if I just forgot about the show or if my brain was performing some sort of PTSD, self-preservation technique, but I completely forgot about The Bachelor and all of the pain that every episode brings us.

But, since the show is back for another season and Petros is a glutton for punishment, we are back with another Bachelor Report!

One woman waxes people for a living. One has a "traumatic" past. Two others have a pretty awkward conversation.

Oh, and since Peter is the bachelor this season, Hannah B. returned to tell the tale of their time in the windmill.

Man, these people suck.

Still have a hankering for Petros? You can get as much as you desire at AM570 LA Sports

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