Utah Man Shows off 20 Year Old McDonald's Burger That Still Looks New

I don't know whether to be nauseated or impressed...

Utah resident David Whipple has held on to a burger he originally bought at a McDonald’s in 1999.

Now for those of you wondering, WHY!?....well it was sort of an accident that he held onto it for a while.

“It got stuck in a coat pocket. The coat got thrown in the back of my van, and I guess it just got hung up on our closet in Logan. Subsequently, we moved from Logan to St. George, Utah, and it stayed there for a couple of years and I think my wife was giving the coat away or something and found it.”

Whipple originally showed off the burger nearly 7 years ago and it became a viral sensation.

A local Utah station caught up with him to check it out and aside from the pickle, which is long gone by this point, the burger and bun still look relatively the same.

The biggest change?

According to Whipple, the burger now has a faint cardboard smell.


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