#TerrorInTheSkies: High Turbulence And Foot Scrolling


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Happy New Year!

Gary and Shannon are back and this time we have TWO terror in the skies stories to get you through your day!

First off, we have an ex-flight attendant sharing her story about her flight from hell.

Eden Garrity, an ex Thomas Cooke air hostess, was serving passengers when her flight entered a mid-Atlantic hailstorm, causing the flight to rapidly rise into the air.

Garrity was unable to secure herself fast enough and thrown to the ground by the intense turbulence.

The fall caused her to break her fibula in five places, her tibia, cracked her ankle and fractured her foot.

Unfortunately, Garrity spent the rest of the life in pain.

'We had painkillers and the passengers were amazing to me. Lots of people passed pillows and coats back to make sure I'd be comfortable," she explained.

Since her flight, Garrity has had two surgeries and is still rehabbing her injuries.

Now that's a flight from hell!

However, we do have another horrid flight for you.

This may be one of the most disgusting things we've ever seen a passenger do.

A Delta passenger shared a video to Twitter showing a fellow passenger scrolling through the in-flight entertainment with their FOOT.

C'MON people!!! Let's have some respect!!!!

That is utterly disgusting. How lazy are you that you can't sit up to use your hands to scroll through the movies?

I hope this passenger teaches us this huge life lesson....

Bring disinfecting wipes for every flight, you don't know what kind of person was sitting there before you.

Check out the video below

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Listen to Gary and Shannon explain it below:

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