Seattle Woman Leaves $10M To Community Colleges

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A Seattle woman who died last year at the age of 105 left behind a legacy of education - donating nearly $10 million to community colleges in her home state.

Last month, 17 colleges across Washington state each received a check for $550,000 from the estate of Eva Gordon.

“She was a very intelligent woman, meticulous record keeper, very organized, and had the wherewithal to buy stocks and hold on to them that a lot of people at that age didn’t really do too much,” said John Jacobs, 61, Gordon’s godson and personal representative for the estate.

Family members say Gordon never attended college herself and always regretted it. She made her fortune through smart investments - including famous Washington-based companies like Microsoft and Starbucks.

“Students succeed at Renton Technical College through their own determination and hard work,” said Renton Technical College’s president, Kevin McCarthy, in a statement. “But many encounter obstacles, and sometimes a scholarship or emergency grant makes the difference that allows them to stay in school.”

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